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(JMF Mr. Bojangles x LSPR Royal Lady Bo)
1999 black stallion

Welcome Derawnda Zeus! Since taking over this breeding program fully in 2011 I have been searching for a good-minded, gorgeous, heavy boned, good heavy-footed, sizable, proven producing and performing homozygous black stallion. Through several twists and turns, chance meetings and conversations, in the fall of 2016 I came across Derawnda Zeus- a stallion meeting all my requirements! He was born and bred in Canada by Allen Davison at Derawnda Farms, and his pedigree boasted the classic Working Western blood of Beamington, The Airicobra and Stetson, a couple of the amazing Flyhawk x Sentola sons and even Archie O to nick well with the bloodlines here and just the right dash of Eastern blood with Waseeka’s Nocturne among others to add the flash and style to make these Morgans really stand out! Zeus was currently standing at stud in Alberta Canada at none other than Janzen Morgan Farm! He was not listed for sale, but my Aunt Elaine, pedigree expert here at WAR, and I were both enchanted by his photographs and his pedigree! I placed a call to JMF, had several very enjoyable visits with Kari and Bruce Janzen over the next couple of months and after seeing pictures of his outstanding progeny there - the next thing Derawnda Zeus arrived here at the ranch February 1st 2017! When he stepped off the trailer, I was absolutely stunned by him! I have never seen such a “giant, fancy stallion” (that’s how I describe him!) with such an unbelievably powerful presence!! In fact, nearly every visitor to see him here since he arrived comments on his undeniable presence, and of course his exquisite beauty! Even better, he is trained to both ride and drive! Arriving during the peak of calving season here at the ranch I have not yet had the pleasure of taking him for a drive, but have ridden him and am very pleased with his long smooth strides! I am nothing but thrilled to have Zeus here and am very anxious to get some WAR foals by him on the ground! A very big thanks to the Janzens at Janzen Morgan Farm for this opportunity to have such a stallion here in Kansas to be a part of the historic WAR breeding program!

After some serious contemplation, I have decided to offer Derawnda Zeus for sale to another breeder. I have learned in the past 2 years that I do not have time to handle a stallion on-farm. He is a lovely horse and his first offspring on the ranch is just what I was looking for. This proven sire needs little sales pitch! Easy to handle, trim, load, and broke to ride and drive. I never had time to hitch him, but he did get ridden here. Inquiries invited.

JMF Mr. Bojangles The Carolinian Tedwin Topic
Seven C Circe
W-A-W Cole's Coquette King Cole
Triton Flirt
LSPR Royal Lady Bo JMF Sir Beam Whispering High Beam
W-A-W Cole's Coquette
JMF Royal Lady Blue Windhover Regency
Fanny's Dark Lady
Complete pedigree may be found here.

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(Derawnda Zeus X WAR Talawind)
2018 black filly

Style and substance is how I describe this beautiful black filly. She was born a sweetheart and she has been extremely easy to work with from the beginning. Her first hoof trim was a total non-event! This one truly enjoys being around people and was a big hit in our local parade this past summer. I intended to just let her follow her mother along the route but we had to pony her after she headed straight for the onlookers for some petting right at the beginning! Her sire contributed to her lovely look and her dam gave her a sound mind and very nice muscle- so much so I repeated this cross for another foal next year. She will make a fantastic partner in any discipline! Inquiries invited.

Derawnda Zeus JMF Mr. Bojangles The Carolinian
W-A-W Coles Coquette
LSPR Royal Lady Bo   JMF Sir Beam
JMF Royal Lady Blue
WAR Talawind WAR Taladan Rimlo Black Talent
WAR Dandalena
WAR Prairie Wind WAR Omega Bird
WAR Justina
Complete pedigree may be found here.

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(WYO Classic Hawk x WAR Codyana)
2018 bay colt

Working Western Sport Horse! This colt is destined for greatness. Inheriting all the best qualities from his sire and dam, W A R Little Hawk will excel in whatever discipline he is asked to perform. His pedigree boasts proven names from many different powerhouse bloodlines in the Western and Sport horse worlds. From his nice laid back shoulder to his short back, to his strong hip and hindquarters, all on his strong heavy boned legs, this colt is a powerhouse! Inquiries invited.

WYO Classic Hawk Fox Trim Classic Princecrest Stardon
Greentree Bewitching
Lady Greyhawk   Ramuls Justin
Ramuls Blazing Lady
WAR Codyana Sweet's Baybarry T Bone Bimbo
Sweet's B Bomb
WAR Codana Cody Delight
WAR Dandalena
Complete pedigree may be found here.

REFERENCE SIRE: WYO Classic Hawk (pictured below)

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(Quantum Midnight Magic x WAR Talawind)
2016 black colt

WAR Justaknight combines all the right bloodlines for one beautiful and functional Morgan! His dam is a proven producer of exceptional offspring, one colt by T-Bone Lad Classy standing at stud in Indiana, another by Flyhawk Dude standing at stud in Ohio! She is a very quiet mare and doubles as a cattle working saddle horse here at the ranch. His sire, Quantum Midnight Magic, is a rare gem of working western bloodlines with Flyhawk and Archie O which complement Talawind's lines nicely. He is also a very productive stallion having been used for ranch work, trail riding and shown in hand! Justaknight has been handled since birth and is fully halter trained and trailers easily. He has also been ponied first from his dam on cattle gathers and parades, and then from a gelding after weaning. Friendly and bold, this fellow has a bright future and great potential to excel in whatever discipline one decides to use him! Available after January 1, 2018- selling as a gelding- inquiries invited.

(courtesy of Susan Motter)

Quantum Midnight Magic Windover Regency Beamington
The Black Rose
Fanny's Dark Lady Scamp O'Hara
Lady Fanilyn
WAR Talawind WAR Taladan Rimlo Black Talent
WAR Dandalena
WAR Prairie Wind WAR Omega Bird
WAR Justina

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